Don't choose before you understand your options

Don't choose before you understand your options

Why make a choice when you don't understand the options? You could be getting yourself and others into big trouble with the choices you make without understanding the options.

Whether in education, job, elections or personal life, shouldn't we make choices after we understand the options?

I understand if it's a situation where decision has to be made with no time left to understand all options in full detail we may have to choose the best at that point in time with whatever little knowledge we have. But in all other cases shouldn't we make effort to understand the available options?

One of the main points that comes to my mind is about how we elect our political leaders. Have we done any research on our own before we vote for someone?  Most people vote without understanding whom they are voting. Some blindly elect candidates of the same party their forefathers voted or they just blindly vote based on religion, region and other identities.  Shouldn't we research and find out which candidate has done what in the past and what he/she promises for the future in terms development of the state/nation? Isn't that common sense?

To join our kid in a school, we research so much about various schools in the locality, discuss with others and only then come to a conclusion. We want our kids to get good education. In the same way don't we want our kids to live in a good nation? Don't we want to live a good nation? Don't we want good governance? Please give it a thought.

Our choices makes a difference and impacts lives. Make choices after you understand your options. 


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