Bill Gates goes to a restaurant

Bill Gates goes to a restaurant and takes a seat. Waiter hands him over a menu card.
As Bill starts to go through the menu card, the waiter just snatches the menu card from his hand and places another menu card in Bill's hand. Bill gets very angry.

Bill to waiter : Why did you that?
Waiter : Sorry sir, we have a new menu card.
Bill : You could have just informed me instead of snatching the card and providing me with updated menu card.
Waiter : Sir, this is exactly how we feel when Microsoft forces windows 10 updates on our machines.

Bill realizes that waiter has a point, and asks sorry and orders some food.
15 minutes later, food doesn't arrive,  Bill loses patience and calls for the waiter.

Now the manager of the restaurant comes and says, "sorry sir, we are closed for the day"

Bill : But WTF?
Manager : Exactly our point when windows restarts without letting us know.


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