Are you a fast car in a slow lane?

Posted in Linkedin on 3rd July 2017

When you enter a Motorway you enter the slowest lane first and hope to switch to faster lanes soon. Unfortunately when there is slow moving traffic you end up as a fast car in a slow lane. Now you intentionally don't step on the gas to avoid crashing into other cars, you don't switch lanes as other lanes are also slow, you think you are doing a sensible thing by going slow but a person with only a bird's eye view thinks you are just another slow car.

If you occasionally feel that you are a fast car in a slow lane then change to a faster lane and test how fast you really are. You may or may not be as fast as you think you are.

If you constantly feel that you are a fast car in a slow lane then change lanes, If there are no faster lanes then change path, if there are no better paths then create a better path. Be fully aware that creating a new path is going to be much more difficult than driving fast on the fastest lane available.

After a short period of time every car finds its optimal speed. Optimal speed depends on how it was driven and maintained among other factors. Find your optimal speed and stick to it. Let other cars go faster or slower. Note that the faster you go the riskier it is. So go as fast as you can still handle it. And don't be a fast car in a slow lane. Fast cars are not meant for slow lanes.


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